Singapore Zoo to Raffles Hotel and how to reach by Bus

Singapore Zoo


Known as the Singapore zoological gardens, it is also referred to as the Mandai Zoo by the locals. Spread across 28 acres of land it is located in the central catchment area of Singapore. The cost for designing this zoo is estimated at 9 million. It was open for the people in 1972. The operations of this zoo are handed by the wild life reserves of Singapore. The zoo also houses 323 species out of which 16 percent are considered as endangered species. It boasts of 1.7 million visitors each year. The animals in this zoo are kept in large and spacious enclosures in transparent glass. Over the years the zoo has not considered expansion beyond its original size. It also organises various animal rides within its premises. This zoo is the first in the world to have a polar bear in the tropical. 


I recommend you to travel by bus as not only will it save you some money but also time. Check out for quick ticket booking and awesome discounts!!


Apart from animal rides the zoo also organises several shows like ‘Breakfast with an Orangutan. This show allows visitors to meet and interact with the animals. There are several shows depicting how an elephant is considered to be a ‘beast of burden’. The zoo not only lets its visitors indulge with land based animals but also the aquatic mammals.  It organises a splash safari for this reason. The zoo also educates people on animal rescue and conservation. It is a good idea to tag your kids along as the zoo organises an animal friend’s show in the zoo’s amphi theatre. The show mostly consists of domesticated animals like parrots and dogs. Singapore zoo has won many awards for letting the animals roam around freely in their near natural habitats. The zoo also features elevations for animal viewing. There are also some underwater galleries to get up close and personal with the fishes. The zoo also organises a token feeding session where you are allowed to feed the animals in small quantities chance by chance.  


Public bus nos 138 and 926 will take you to this destination without any hassles.


Raffels Hotel


Colonial style hotel in the heart of Singapore, Raffles Hotel is an architectural marvel. Conceptualised by the Sarkies brothers the hotel was open for the people in the year 1887. The hotel is a subsidiary of Fair Mont Hotel International. It is a 3 storeyed building with 103 rooms and suites. There are about 8 celebrity chef restaurants that cater to your global cuisine requirements. The hotel also houses 50 special boutiques.  This hotel has undergone multiple restorations and a mass restoration is upcoming in the year 2017. This hotel has expanded over the years with addition of several wings and a bar.  Public bus no’s 53, 57 and 123 can get you to this Hotel. My travel by Bus was quite comfortable and convenient.  I would recommend a Bus ride as compared to any other mode of transport. 



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