One Father's Wrong Turn

One Father’s Wrong Turn

He used to say, just one drink,

It’s practically, a modernity;

And who would think?

That one drink, lasted an eternity.

Some are the same, after that drink;

He was once, so sweet.

Others turn out to be, someone you’d never think.

But now, he seems to be, discrete.

That drink affected way more than, just one;

Sadly, we were the only ones,

In this situation, nobody won.

And this was just the beginning, of tons.

One drink, turned into, seven or eight,

He completely changed.

Which, caused some hate.

He was basically, deranged.

He spoke on his desire to change.

Lie after lie,

Although, his mind, was not in the same range.

But he didn’t realize, he could die.

We got a call saying, everything went wrong;

All the pain we tried to fend,

All of this, in the late fall.

We really thought it was, the end.

Till this day he fights,

The battle is drudgery;

To be concise,

He lives now for recovery.

Alcohol withdrawal,

It’s very serious,

You may not think you’ll fall,


But the outcome is mysterious.

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He does not have to fight alcoholism in drudgery.  I have been sober 24 years and I am well just for today.  I am wonderfully happy and life is no longer a fight.  Life is a daily, wonderful adventure.  Life can be so for anyone whether they be alocoholic or not.  After all, alcoholics do not hold a patent on misery.  Nicely written poem on a tough subject.  Stephen

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Fighting alcohol is different

Fighting alcohol is different for everyone. in this case this poem is a True story so that’s really why I said drudgery. Its wonderful that you are sober now though and I congratulate you very much that’s a wonderful thing! And thank you for the feedback!