Lost Paradise

The Long Night

Dwelling on the moments

While I was frozen in fear

Anticipating what I dreaded

As I was broken in tears

Captivated by the madness

So I could open it here

Another day I'll regret

Because I'm hoping it's near

Now I'm holding on

And holding up what I believed

To the sky

So high

I realized what I couldn't see

And still the answers I seek

Are beyond my reach

Never quit

Never die

So I strive for good deeds

Bound and broken

In my own blood I cry

Let the heavens open wide

For my soul to fly

But I'm tainted and dark

Lost my heart to the night

And yet I fight for the right

To just live my life

Ashes to ashes

Watch the dust hit the floor

Down to my knees

As I pray to my Lord

Down to the ground

Where they found my sword

Bound and drowned

Like I've been here before

An unnecessary end

And yet a new day begins

And I'm still trapped and caged

In this world of sin

A world of men

As the darkness within

Consumes again

As the fires burn like spires

To the beat of the wind

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