Perfect Feelings

The Long Night

Sometimes I wake up and I don't feel like going on

I can't help but hate myself for all that I've done wrong

It seems like the world hates me for all of my mistakes

And nobody cares how I feel and all I want is an escape

So with each new passing day I find myself with her again

With the one that makes me smile and feel complete within

She doesn't look at me the way I gaze upon her eyes

Yet I know she'll always be there even in my darkest nights

Maybe this is good enough and a friend is all I need

But I can't stop the racing of my heart when our eyes meet

The first day that I met her all I could see was the outside

And in the passing of each day I began to peer beyond the lies

As radiant as the burning sun and yet there's so much more

What at first was just a girl soon became this woman I adore

I can see her as she is and all I expect is she be herself

She makes me feel the same like I can be like no-one else

I will always stand beside her that's a promise made for life

And these thoughts I will keep even though I think them right

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