Forgotten Letter

The Long Night

How do you write a letter

That you'll never send anyways

It all seems like meaningless words

Lost and thrown away

How do you tell the truth

When you don't know what it is

How do you write the words

To convince your heart of this

You want to speak with passion

And desires held deep inside

But fear holds the pen back

And the letter withers and dies

How do you tell her you love her

When her heart is torn in two

How do you help her heart

When you don't know it'll welcome you

It seems kind of hopeless

With this letter I'll never send

I stare and rewrite it daily

And it's still here at day's end

But I keep mustering courage

To finally send the letter along

I just don't want my words

To be confused and come out wrong

One day she'll come back

And then I'll get the chance to tell

What was in the letter

That my heart refused to mail

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