Warning To America

The revolution is here

The revelation is near

Wake up america!

It's time you notice the lies

Our whole government is corrupt

anyone who speaks out dies

Don't believe me?

Research the Black Panthers

name one who didn't commit a "crime"

listen to me I'll give you all the answers

the most obvious lie is about the twin towers

the osama tapes were translated wrong

"jealous of our freedom" you see what they can do with power?

They know you'll believe everthing they say, but not me.

So the new world order is dawning

the war begins, fall in line

they gave al-queda six billion dollars in 1989

and of course saddam Hussein had chemical weapons

we sold him them after reagans election

God worked for seven days he slept on the seventh

the new world order was born on September 11th

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Turn off the news and read the facts straight from the source!

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Since you are the parent I cannot make any desisions for you but I will tell you that your husband and kids will be brain washed by the media. Also be careful about speaking out about this If you do discover it to be true because the government is very good at protecting itself. If they see anybody as a weapon against them you will be framed for a crime or killed. If you don't believe me study the lives of the black panthers, martin Luther king jr, and tupac shakur. The name ofthe program the government uses to frame other is called COINTELPRO

vilmazab's picture

should we be scared? I married a half American guy, and my kids are all in the US....