What's out of reach is always the best

I lay awake tonight cuz I wanna be with you

with you by my side I could passionately kiss you

every time I'm near you I fall deeper in love

I see you in my dreams and for a second we touch

I feel guilty cuz he's my best friend

but yet I'm guilty of falling for his girlfriend

I know it's wrong but my heart is filled with purity

in my passion she could offer me security

I'm not sure which would be worse

losing him or losing you first

why does it have to be one?

Why can't we both love you?

Each time u kiss him my heart starts to sink

she's doesn't mean it is what I make myself think

my fantasy is a love affair with me

but my reality is problems with your man and me

I won't be needing my fantasy or my reality

my reality is just as pointless as my fantasy

your the most beautiful woman I have seen

but I must accept the fact: your too good for me

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