Too Good For Me

you are the most beautiful form of asthetics that can breathe

I don't think u can even see

that all u ever needed can be found in yours truly

so instead I'll give u that same uninterested look u had that was easy to read

when all I can even think about is ur beauty

so have a good life, I'd rather u happy, than miserable with me

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Hey, thanks for the comment on 'Together'...

I really like this poem, I think, it's like this person is crazy about/in love with someone else & would love to be with them, but knows they're not really interested, so this person has decided to let them go... That's what I think anyway!
It's actually quite touching.

They say 'If you love someone (who doesn't love you back) you should let them go. Let them be free, instead of forcing them to be with you'
But it's never that simple! The act of walking away from someone you love, ensuring their future happiness, but destroying your own, is one of the hardest things to do. It takes a lot of inner strength. But I think the person in your poem is strong enough to do it.

Cate xxx

Oh Captain, my Captain! ~ W.W