Your Turn

I wish you could have seen his ways.

Yet somehow you still love him after all these days.

He only wants in your pants he doesn't care about you.

I have tried telling you, you don't listen, and there's nothing left to do.

You should have chose me, I would have treated you right.

I would have been there to buy you flowers and talk to you all night.

Instead here I am broken-hearted like a fool.

Knowing that he's hugging and kissing you-it's not cool.

My sadness turns to anger, my anger to fury.

My tears flow down with life and makes my vision blurry.

I wanna fight for you but what good will that do?

After what you said I can never love you.

So when you realize i was right, come crying back to me.

I hope you cry out for me, but I will tell you to leave.

You made me suffer now its your turn.

You will soon know what you had, but it's time for you to feel the same burn.

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