Ruins and the King

                                                    Far away in the arduous sands of time,

                                                              Near the roars of the ocean floor,

                                                     I stand a fallen statue

                                                                  A Statue of old folklore

                                                      Who would know this King of Kings?

                                                                     Who would rather despair?

                                          That this mighty heart has fallen,                                                                                                        

                                                         Beyond all Nature’s care

                                                      The whiff of misty sea winds,

                                                                       Carrying their haunted sound

                                                       Wear my pieces of crumbling stones

                                                                       That pile up all around

                                                            A lonely stranger walks up to me,

                                                                           With a lonelier shadow by the side,

                                                            Touching my white alabaster,

                                                                           Feeling torn and soulless inside

                                                            Cries he to me, O King of Kings

                                                                           You loveless, heartless soul,

                                                            You deserve to lie in ruins,

                                                                           You deserve to die alone and cold

                                                            He mocks my very works,

                                                                           He slanders my very name

                                                            His shadow seems to despise me,

                                                                           His words put me to shame



                                                            And then I look into his sunken eyes,

                                                                           They are angry but torn 

                                                            His mocking tone, is slanderous

                                                                           Yet his voice is all forlorn.


                                                            The stranger knows I know him by glance,

                                                                           He knows he cannot feign anymore,

                                                            And with truth, the sad evening comes to end,      

                                                                     The stranger enters my ruins once more   

                                                           To lie buried with me in the arduous sands of time,


                                                                     Near the roars of the ocean floor,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ego ruins every human being and turns them into ghosts of their own past that can reside in their own ruins

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Morningglory's picture

Great write! Loved the

Great write! Loved the imagery!


Copyright © morningglory

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Thanks for liking the

Thanks for liking the imagery. I wanted to give the sense of haunting melancholy to the whole poem. Appreciate someone who likes it.

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Well, I also believe it was

Well, I also believe it was the inspiration for my writing 'until death do her part'. Thanks for that!

Copyright © morningglory