Thinking about you today

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I am sitting here

on the couch

Thinking about you today 

I am just sitting

here on the couch

and think about you

and the memories

that we share together 

then I start to cry

tears roll down my face

I think about you everyday and

miss you so very much

 I just can not believe you

are in heaven you are gone but

not forgotten you and our

memories will always

be in my heart 

I know we are never

apart and you are 

still here in spirit but

I can not see you

or hear your voice but you

see me and hear 

my voice because every time

 I laugh you can hear 

me laughing and when

I cry you can hear me cry

and you also can see me crying

and try to tell me you

are still here in spirit and that

you still love me and 

you know when I cry you

know I miss you my love

© Amanda Kay Hill


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