Colorado home

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Where it snow when 
It wants to snow 

Colorado home 
Colorado home 
The mountain is nothing 
Like any other mountain 
It is high 
above Ocean level

There is nothing
 like the Colorado 
snow it sparkles 
like glitter there nothing
 like the beautiful Colorado
 pine trees are the greens
 pine trees in the world

there nothing like the 
Colorado rain small like
 fresh laundry smell
I love the rain smell and
 the pine trees smell

Colorado home 
I was born and raised 
In Colorado where always 
Be my home state in my 
Heart is so beautiful 
There is no where like 
Colorado in the world 
© Amanda Kay Hill
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspire by CherissePowers 

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I'm so very honored that I have inspired you to

write this poem, mmmm which poem did i write

That inspired you sweetie?


(c)Cherisse Powers

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