Love again

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I look up at the sky

I talk to you everday 

Love again

Love again

 I know you what me to 

Be happy again but you 

was my first real boyfriend

You teach me with respect and 

Was kind and sweet you bought 

Me dinner and a movie ticket and

make me dinner when I was at you 

Dad house and none of my ex did that

For me so thank you Nick from being 

A real boyfriend to me and you are now

In heaven and what me to be happy and 

To love again I just do not know if I 

will find someone as nice as you and kind and

teach me with respect like you did

So if I walk by a guy and you know he 

is the one give me a sign Nick and thank you

for your loved and watching over me 

I am blessed to had you in my life and 

Show me all guys are not same there are 

some good and nice guys out there and

I am blessed to got to know you Nick 

© Amanda Kay Hill






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