Enjoy life

poems 1

Enjoy everyday don't
rush life just enjoy 
the outdoor and don't 
let thing get you down 
there is more to life 
then you think right 
now there someone 
out there that do not 
have a job or 
clothing or food
Enjoy everyday don't 
rush life just enjoy 
being outside in the 
outdoor and don't let 
thing get you down there 
is more to life then you 
feel right now and think 
right now there is more 
to life I know you want 
to run away from home 
or kill yourself but list 
here there is more to 
life there someone out 
there that do not have 
a job or clothing or food 
or a house but before you 
know life will turn around 
you just have Faith and 
hope never give up just 
have believe in 
god and enjoy life
© Amanda Kay hill