holly's mystifying rhythm

is pertaining to a dream
that the world is not asleep
but a yawning entity
and when you breathe
you just lull the world to sleep


and i
am nothing but a rogue
that wanders bright and gone
but perfect puzzle pieces don't attatch
just strip the marrow from her bones


yet i
cant make a decent rhyme
that complements her eyes
and all i seem to botch and pull away
are empty words that break and fall apart


but how
can i ever be so just
to the words that i cant muster
up the images that rip my heart out
and crumble down like dust


then once said to me
that her soul just could not sleep
but wander on and on
in this useless dreamscape reality


or was
that all just a complex dream
my subconcious would scream
and leave a crashing down
to stop the stars from haunting everything


these days and nights
are focus of soft sunsets
that we all ignore
but her enchantment
pillows all of our falls
for a moment if not more

the world will see her
swinging upon a star
so silently away
but we cant tell the glow
from her moondripped eyes
so galantly, she'll sway

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I wish I'd been able able to write this,but could never find the words! Great poem!!!