broken hearts and fallen stars

soaring right through my sky

listless names and endless games fill my life

but you have become

you have become my savior

in a forgotten world lost unfurled in my dreams

there is no truth to love these days, well it seems

and im dreaming of you

i do, i do

these words echo forever true

i do, i do

on our anniversary with you

greeting cards and holidays

line the pockets of some

but one more lyric from my pen is all i need

finish this thought

finish this line

you are my savior, undone

open book writes the saga of our life

the world is mine and yours through our eyes

we're singing

i do, i do

these words ring forever new

i do, i do

our anniversary, just me and you

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Stephanie Bratager's picture

you are EXTREMELY talented! =) *cheers* keep up the awesome work!

<3 Bratager