heaven, hell and the inbetween

how a single person feels

to waste away their lives

in one shattered heartbeat

we've made up our mind

to follow the road down

not knowing where it goes or it ends

and all the world complains

the regrets never cease

the day undone

the night's release

to perish the curtain

of tragic romantics and death

wherever you go

whoever you are

the distance of enchantment

the pull of the star

wherever i am

you know i will be there again

and she is the dirt

she is the sky

she is the sea

she is the night

and the world twirls around

she is my life

how the world believes

what radiates our lives

in science explained

in faith revived

how the world mystifies

all the space in between our mind

why a person stays

on a wheel round and round

to break away like clay

and melt into the ground

why the world is so devoid

of anymore feelings at all

and every simple day

and every complex night

we peer into the wrong

and apathy, the right

whenever we choose

the path towards the unknown

but she is the calm

she is the light

silence unchecked

she is the bright

in heaven to the clouds

and hell turned to dust

she is a lie

she is a lie

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