forever tears

here are all the broken hearts as one

and every sadness tale has come undone

love confession testify

to just sit down and die

to try to love again

begin the end

once you love him

you both will shine

but then you will grow apart with time

its the way it is

the way it goes

no one knows

cause' love and hate divide a thin line

why do we bother

as emptiness just shivers down your spine

when there's nothing

it's just a rarity

that lover's remain happy

we live within a primal situation


can't you hear me

i'll jump at twenty two

if your heart's not true

i'll calmly take the fall

through this world

through this life

cause' nothingness just isn't worth the fight


are the days

when i cared

through the haze

there's a vision

of another smile


is the life

i once had

in my sight

now i just sit

can't even walk the mile

lover why

do you make me cry

i never thought you could

ever be so cold

i tried my very best

i know now that i failed

i know now that i lost

everything i had

everything i was

the assholes get the girls

then throw them all away

the nice guys get the dirt

while all those girls just pray

for their knight to come alone

and carry them away

and wipe away their tears

and cherish them for years

there's nothing left to say

one day alice tried to end it all

with pills and some champagne cause' her boyfriend made her cry

a life is blissed only if you're loved

but in her boyfriend's bed now two other women lie

alice closed her eyes and jumped right in

while her lover pleased himself with girls that have no names

another life is blown upon the breeze

all because of one asshole's stupid fucking games

oh why


did she die


because of some guy


a good life is gone


and there are so many more to come

if i could have a moment

for every bit of torment

i'd try to ease the pain

it seems true love is for sale

but no one really wants it

they all just wat a lay

well maybe

i'll get a gun

and knock off these scumbags

and then maybe through the smoke

kindness will remain

alice is gone

her breath is numb

she's fading away

alice left the world behind

she left in the nick of time

she only thought about some stupid guy

and not about the other's cries

her family and all her friends

didn't want to see alice end

become a statistic of modern love

but now it is too late to turn back

her mother is standing on the track

to join alice so far above

but when will it end

the girl that used to smile

and watch the clouds roll by

is now laying in a grave

with nothing but time

left to say goodbye

but no one can ever hear

her regrets and her tears

and now her life is gone

so much for perfect dreams

like a single leaf of fall

and she'll never see the day

with her life all blown away

and she'll never get to say

'mom, forgive me for my ways'

but that asshole doesn't care

he'll never fucking care

but everyone else here really cared

since when does love cost so much

that you must sell your life

love is supposed to be the bliss

that erases all your strife

(hate is the way)

nice guys finish last

(love is so fake)

our hearts all beat the same

one more life just turns to dust

one more heart just turns to rust

one more soul just turns to crust

eliminate all decency

one more life just gone away

one more love just gains decay

one more hate comes out to play

this is gonna be a battlefield!!

i am here

was never gone

i have a soul

it won't be long

we will stand up

and seize the day

and make this hate

just fade away

the losers get dumped

the jerks get laid

with that, all kindness

simply fades

when your next love

just tears and cracks

well all us losers

we won't come back

you cowards

you losers

come fight right

beside me

as heros

we will win

and vanquish

all the sin

although all the world's against us

we will win with love and trust

and cherish the dear departed

and save the broken hearted

cause' we won't sit and take it anymore

and now we walk

all through this life

we have our hearts

we don't need strife

this world is ugly

we'll make it glow

and someday it will be a world to know

but then i'll fall

someday i'll die

and will anyone just hold their head and cry

i'll fade away

you'll forget my name

and i'll become a part of this love/hate game

i'll love a girl

she'll break my heart

and i'll just sit and watch my life fall apart

i'll seize the day

but lose my years

in forever tears

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