boys + girls

kristen's a little silly punch me in the face

katy's lost her smile within her liar's place

and devan's got a smile that could melt a star

but she's far

and i'm alone

i'm nobody

talk about jossie lose your vacant glare

my first love sarah vanished in the air

sweet little nicole turned a wicked way

from me

so far away

i walk unknown

and who i am today

i would just throw away

to be in their eyes

cause' i was nothing then

now i can pretend

one last time

stephanie was the one i thought i loved so

jodie had a heart colder than arctic snow

and tali gave me smiles that i had forgotten

emmy's got a boyfriend but she still holds my hand

and my heart

within her palm

i'm just a toy

and wherever i go

my scars will always show

the pain i hold

i'll be your everything

i'll be your song to sing

just notice me

us forever nellie, i knew i'd always walk alone

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Thanks for the view. Now I'm not alone. RT