no. 1 with a bullet

there are lives we speak of

like a bullet from a gun


you see

life finds a way

to rip you up

give something to the rich man

it will end up in the trash

and on the poor man's mantle

dollars make sense

let's get in shape

to impress the faceless

i believe in love

it's like cancer

a disease

a kiss can mean a thousand words

i've spoken too many kisses

breathe, breathe, sigh

walk about the rubble

of a world that used to care

once there was a sad bug

who decided to be happy

and he got smashed upon a windshield

life is funny

load me up

fuck this, i'll rip open my shirt

stab me

shoot me

fucking kill me

death can't hurt more than life

life is funny

but i hate that joke

i'm a bullet

aimed straight at myself

pull your fucking trigger

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Kasc Wells's picture

DAMN.. it was really good, and verry sad, y so sad deary? :(

The Nameless's picture

This is really good. Please keep writing stuff like this, it's not often you see something like this. Props.