grab the sky

as death is born

then love will die

we've lost the will

to even try

a wasted smile

an applecore

the bitter taste

such a bore

confusion grace

of longing faith

to walk the narrow razor

deep sleep

of fading flames

to catch the chill of summer

and tonight

we are reborn

with a call

of curtain torn

a pretty girl

a handsome boy

a cryptic grave

entombs their joy

i am nothing

i am all

too eccentric

with filthy falls

within the clouds

holds all the rain

to wash away our faces

i hold my soul

upon my back

as nothing ever changes

a baby's cry

will grab the sky

through night time air

into the sunset

a mockingbird

a rocket ship

a silver silence

a long lost trip

the world is gold

a toilet bowl

heaven's forgotten

and god is old

drink your wine

and sniff your snow

and set the world on fire

as heaven calls

we all move to hell

we'll never get much higher

we sing the song

we tell the tale

we ace the test

and yet we fail

we'll never notice

our eraser minds

flood our conscience

and speed up time

open eyes

sealed door

eat the key

life's a bore

this is pointless

it's just a song

nothing matters

we dont belong

the world is rusty

slice our veins

air just pours out

no blood remains

too much effort

to grab the sky

though it takes more

to sit and cry

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Hayley Barber's picture

This is great, so hard to understand but you can stop reading it once you start