breakdown in the nick of time

i struggle for a pointless rhyme

with a little grin right upon my face

is this life such a waste

prison cell is where i hang my hat

my next seat is right where i just sat

on a raincloud thats just about to fall

from the sky

and life

will never find a way

to sacrifice your tears

and heaven exists

if you believe its near

or close in your heart

cause' your soul is the last thing to keep you safe

restless nights and lonely queen size beds

rid the pain that rains inside your head

wisdom can never take the place

of your heart

cause life

is not a lifestyle choice

there are no made up tales

and good can sometimes lose

much faster than you think

or even care

we all just need to breathe

to the dawn

and sunsets are torn

open arms

right to the sky

open arms

embrace the others cries

to cause this pain to die

my lover just never heard the sound

of my heart just crashing to the ground

and the pieces were blown upon the breeze

and then i dropped right on

my knees

then life

just simply found a way

to rip apart my heart

and heaven exists

cause' i know i am in hell

i hold it in my hand

cause' my soul is the last thing i have to lose

the light of day so quickly turns to night

so take my hand and im sure we'll be all right

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if i were a critic, i would acclaim this