always near

blinkin' eyes

let the world just fall apart

my thoughts detour

you guide me with your heart

there is no purpose

for night lost into day

this world knows just what to say

i am gone

but was i ever here

we are thoughts

floating upon the air

upon the air

with my angel

crashing upon the dawn

her bones be brittle

and flake away

ill burn a candle

for every day i think of you

somewhere in heaven

i know your heart beats true

there is no absense

that my heart cannot embrace

i just wish i could kiss your face

you are gone

i long to hold you near

our sweet past

is a memory to repair

to repair

glide your wings for me

ill close my eyes

if i die

you will finally be one with me

there is no substance

that the world invigorates

lost upon time and space

we are gone

but we'll always be right here

i just want

to feel you always near

always near

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Lauren F.'s picture

hi hun :) your poem is VERY well written. I lm in lvoe with the 1st verse above all others but the whole poem is beautiful. Great write and keeprockin'