a summer night's escape

as morning falls
a girl just stands
on the edge of the sands
upon her face
lies the frown
of a broken heart


id never seen
a girl so fair
or felt a sweeter scent
in the air
but i saw at last
that she was one with the heavens
for always out of reach
and she was part of the sunrise
and dawn


as daybreak came
this girl i saw
left the world behind in her palm
and in her eyes
sings the song
of a lonely heart

but i swear to you
id never be
what she felt so deep
inside of me
but i promised true
to be there for her anyway
for always out of touch
and she was part of the blue sky
and air


and as evening fell
this girl so fast
turned around to see me at last
and dare i say
i saw a glimpse
of my eternity

and there i saw
upon her face
the sweetest smile
of anyplace
and then i knew
that i was one with her soul now
for always in our mystic lives
and she was part of the sunset
and stars

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Dawn Cattell's picture

I thought this piece had a beautiful, ethereal feel, as does much of your work that I've read on here. You seem to live in a romantic, dreamy world, (one I often find myself in) until reality assaults, with a swift kick in the head. ;) I enjoyed your work and look forward to reading more.