insanity please

i will shrug the fallen soldiers

forgotten in the dust

bloodstained swords of rapture

crush the ivory tusk

total eclipse of sorrow

here and back again

return to my arms breathless

forgive is not the end

insanity cries

over your dirty feet

insanity lies


the yellow kitten

sent crying at my door

will purr to be fed so quickly

then turn tail and ignore

alcohol wishes

leave memories in the fog

and ill never feel your kisses

my princess turned to frog

insanity speaks

blistered and undone

insanity reaps


insanity creeps

all the vacant fun

insanity needs

no one

you think youll never love

never love again

you think youll never find

another long lost friend

i know you will get by

by upon my time

i know youll run away and just...

...lick clean your chocolate fingers

melted by the sun

i will just wait so softly

for you to come along

a streetlight just loses contact

a single drop of rain

will make the only difference

in ending all this pain

insanity sings

splintered by the trees

insanity begs


insanity springs

revolved around our soul

insanity pleads


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Kathleen McLallen's picture

Its so good. I love the way you describe things and your rhythm and flow. Your poems just move so nicely. Excellent word choices.