poets and prisoners

the ink drops
endorphins pull the string
lightning pulsates
but the storm never comes
daydreams in the distance
nightmares of the void
shot thru velvet teardrops
destiny or cold
winter upon the tongue
sun has given up
wait to never seize
the dawning of the day
i could never hold the flame
so i grit and let it burn
upon the weathered path
the trail is always there
a single dandelion
to shrivel and blow away
never give into hate
but never know of love
in a castle made to crumble
and soon to turn to dust
made of fountain coin wishes
that never seem to work
i walk thru midnight sidewalks
flutter thru the streetlights
open and alone
with nothing but highway silence
understand my limitations
but push until they snap
soft upon the windowsill
yet melting on the floor
cry the summer skyline
obey nothing that ive heard
engulf within the silhouette
to hum a single word
never taste the bitter bother
of a peach pit requiem
life can have its way
but ill just walk along
on the road to never ever
past misery and trust

the next line i wonder
and gather all the thoughts
another tragic rhythm
another razor snail
as a boy perhaps
i understood the rules
a flicker of the sails
the sorrow of the move
within a crimson curtain
one that never calls
violence begets wisdom
the single soldier falls
like a world on a string
like a bird that never sings
heckled and admired
beaten and just left
another schoolyard sadness
another tear changes dirt to mud
i do not see any promise
that generates a moment
like a tragic fallen opera
a lament for the dead
once a boy perhaps
a prisoner i have become
a prisoner i have become

poets born as one
and prisoners we become
poets born as one
and prisoners we become

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Becky Weeks's picture

velvet teardrops

winter upon the tongue


i am a fan.

Rae Ferreira's picture

I adore the imagery and sound in this piece... ESPECIALLY the "highway silence". That has to be one of the most awesome phrases I've read in a long while.