goodbye, farewell, i love you


to every little sadness in your

sweet life

i always shield you from the cold of the

sad night

and never set the sparrows free

my princess


is your heart slow and weary cause its


when all the ones youve trusted have just

torn you

but i swear

goodbye sweet girl

and farewell

this time

i love you always

you are my life

and i am your death


let your heart open magic with a

sweet cry

thats full of smiles and the wisdom in a

birds eye

just never let the world get the

last goodbye

sunlight on the rainbow

the path is long

and we're unknown

a single ray

of light just shines

and i love you

i know youre true

and i love you

you know im true

goodbye sweet world

and farewell

in time

i love you always

youre all my life

i love you all


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41tulips's picture

I don't know why but this poem seemed so personal to me, I cried. I guess maybe I've been told those things... anyway you write wonderfully and I do hope you can critique mine also. Good job

Melissa Marina Flores