dream sleeper

shes an ivory promise

she is beyond compare

shes a dreamlike rainstorm

lost upon somewhere

shes a vapor teardrop

shes an icecube sky

she is time forgotten

all thru my eye

little dreamer in my life

youre my sweet vanilla sky

youre the moment that i cry

and if we could stop today

i would take you away


id be your star to shine

if i could just call you mine

id give into your always

shes a dreary daydream

she is a sky so blue

shes an eternal sunset



little dreamer lost so far

youre the shine upon my star

youre the junebug in my jar

and if i could begin again

then you would be my zen


id be your daisy dream

youd be what i cannot see

id give into your nevers

shes the mystic visions

on the dead horizon

shes the dark incision



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Kirsty Matthews's picture

I think it's amazing, it's structure and flow is great, not to mention the words, which are really touching. Well done. :)