She Came Like Gangbusters


She hated the women who came

before; the ones with the mouths, the one

with the attitude, and the one with no sense 

of kindness. Then she ran literally

like a train into a brick

wall called me.


I was kind and professional,

I kept attitudes locked away.

The blare of vocal chords

in the air was loud spoken, still,

I was the enemy on the other side

of the window.


When other people make mistakes

and treat the clients badly as when

no one is watching because the

supervisors, oh they are in a stupor

from pills called steroids and can't

think very well most days, it is hard

on the undrugged mind to cope.


Their blood rats them out

and they leave a big hole where

I needed strength and character

to exist. Half dead, mostly rotten

experts are in charge of

the store, you see.


It is not a hard concept to grasp,

we are supposed to follow the

leader. When you are walking

through the work week

with eyes glued wide to take

in the lot, and accept chaos

then it is time to see



The money was good, the work

worthwhile, but medication

abuse and illegal substances

imbibed makes for impossible

mind merging. You first

have to have two minds

for that.








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