Vintage Words


High culture equals techno babble proficiency

thrumming better ways to make cloth and metals.

The art of making cardboard and plastic may

be the way of moderninity. The over-all  cost is not

relevant. Tear up the earth, destroy the sky but

make empire at high prices and dutifully pass it

to anyone who wants it most.


There is a counterpart for transportation

over centuries that preceded automobilization

and gas pumps. Humans carried other humans

around, now there’s a solution to global heating

right there. 


What we are in search of here is an equivalency

of paints and polishes, fast food preparation

devices, and ways to cleanse the toilet. They

could not fly in jets or go to drive-in movies,

they could not brush and wipe. They died

of diseases easily cured by a mouthful of moss.

Dung collection used to be a job. Street vendors

and no taxes would overthrow most governments

of today’s collective corporate structures that would

become a pile of computer print-outs

that foretell bankruptcy.


Civilization is fragile. Overspend, over-borrow,

over save and it all falls down. Children’s blocks

tell the story. Progressively stack one on top

of another and Niagara and Angel and Victoria

will fall and begin to grow pale via the swiftest

erosion in civilized history.










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