I Used To Read A Lot

Vintage Words


I used to read non-stop, everyday

was not a day unless I did thirty pages

of a novel, poems, recipies. I did not

care what I read so long as it was

in English. Along with  the hour spent

trying to read in French, vocabulary

limited and grammar corrupted,

it was reading.


I don't read so much now. The series

of books, one through seven,  align

the shelves and I browse, pull them

down, dust them off, peep in for a visit.

I think I should read this because I

used to read a lot but now my eyes

won't let me and I am so easily

distracted by intrusional thoughts so

not about reading.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

I picked up Rand's "Anthem" at a garage sale yesterday. Yum! Read it 30 years ago. If I had all the books I ever bought, I'd have to live in the garage. slc

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