Anywhere Anytime

Vintage Words


They will come at you unawares shouting we said

they could have weapons. It swells a man's pride. It

makes a woman equal after the injustices

of child bearing, beatings, and abandonment issues.


Blame the culture, blame low self-esteem, a lack

of respect, insufficient rewards. No rewards kill such

anger. Armed to the armpits, respect is assumed

if only  for a while. Entitlement is a big word.

Retribution is a bigger word. 


Someone's life, once was personable and kind.

Freedom is criminalized by stupidity or braveura or

the emotion of the moment, to become encrypted

and labled, hunted, eventually captured, and stamped

like the expiration date on spoiled milk.


There is not enough space to walk without encountering

anger.  It grows like leaves, everywhere. Freedom

is undefined when a high price is attached. For income

and trade, the gun makers want the freedom to accept

the powerful joy of owning a pistol, advertising that guns

are so much fun everyone should go out and buy some.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Guns in usa are the national emergency, not a few Spanish speaking refugee families.



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