Vintage Words


Find a theme, any theme,
so long as it is not the same
one. Its a stretch. I'm sure.


See your life unfold before
the wind stretched curtain

falls after the breath decides
to falter.


Sing the sky and all the birds,
say the painting, write the sketch.
Another poet has picked up a pencil
and another page is filling.


Be well is what I say and write to keep
life in front. Pain stretches into the past

because that is where pain belongs.


Wake up and yawn away the dark,
stretch both arms wide. Feel
fresh air flow in to cool away bad


Open the window, unlock
the heart. Yawn and let in
the entire world. All at once.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

I could not break this into smaller poems. It is all so inter-dependent - slc

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