1/8 Ounce Of Water

A New View


You approach the sink with the glass

that has 1/8 oz of water left in it for over

a day, hence it is undrinkable.

Pour it out.


Conservatively, pour it in a houseplant.

No plants, buy one for the kitchen window.

Pour 1/8 oz of water there for a better








Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am becoming of the belief that even if we waste not, later generations are going to want. - slc

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That’s what I do with left

That’s what I do with left over H2O

in water bottles, and water the

house  plants!


Water that comes out outside from the

air conditioner, simply catch

in bowls and water the plants



And when it rains 

I catch the rain in barrels for future 


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I Don't Have A Barrel

I'll put it on the list. I'm thinking redirecting rain water from gutters to gardens out back like in the front. Inner gardens have drainage pipes that carry the rain to outer gardens presently, away from the house. A start at captureing the free stuff. Rain barrels are due for a come back! :D slc