Old Imagination


Can you create a new reality based

on an old imagination that tends

to corrupt here and now?  Your life

was once seemingly, unbearably,

and incorrigibly suffered.


You were shelterless, forging walls

to hold out the harder views you pound

with blooded palms. The link fence

is so cold the hands hurt.


The realization seeps in through

the pores antagonizing the sweat

trying to get to air. Once locked

in, no one is ever going to get

you out.







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Sounds like PTS, Post

Sounds like PTS, Post traumatic Snydrom , can one forget and forge ahead

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

It does sound like that, doesn't it? Good interpret. General thinking - stuck - unable to get out of the self-made quagmire - but PTSD works too. Thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting, Dubberly :D slc