As Ugly As Homemade Sin


Who comes up with these

adages and saying or idoms

that everybody learns 

and repeats without asking

the pertinent questions?


How much homemade

sin ugliness are we talking about

here? A great deal of sin,

an inordinate amount  of homemade,

ugly or merely a tad? How does one 

conjugate a phrase like that

or whatever you do with adages?

Uglier than homemade, Homemaded

sin. If more than one subject

are they ugliest as homemade



Maybe they are not all that ugly 

if it is a mininscule amount of sin

a la home variety. Perhaps

it was a bad day for homemade

anything and pretty happened

instead due to error. Can there be

a plethora of uglies or can such sin

be produced in marketable weights? 


I intend to get to the bottom of this

wondrous quandry that disparages

beauty in humans. And while we

are at it, why "as ugly as"?






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