Thou Shalt Not Scare The Shit Out Of People

A New View


Okay, I promise to cool it with the glaciers moving

and calving and the sky falling and the sea expanding

to the point of mass migrations. Do not fear these things.

They will not happen for another thirty years of maybe



Okay, so you were born today and will be in your prime

fifty years from now. I am sequestered, arrested, and warned

not to prophesy like an ancient about things that may come.

Grab a divining rod to find water in sere places, build a boat

to float when the creek becomes Mississippi like. Preparations

never hurt.


Okay, I can see that you are experiencing trepidations

so I'm sorry and promise to go forth and try to practice

the sins called omissions. No mass migrations of geckos

or snake species, no parrots relocating to New York City.

There won't be room because of all the Hondurans.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was the 11th Commandment. There wasn't room on the tablet. I am soooo bad some days. :)

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