Lush Limerick



There once was a likeable lush

who drank till he made himself blush

he drank and up ended

fine rye whisky blended

then passed out cold under a bush.


A friend found him after a search

in a graveyard beside a small church

You are drunk again

my oft drunken friend

still I can't leave you here in the lurch.


His friend dragged him into a tavern

the lush thought it was a nice cavern

after coffee and water

he yelled to the waiter

tis for a glass of rye whisky I yearn.


The friend threw up both his hands,

"Let him sleep wherever he lands!"

Out into the night

the lush staggered from sight

shouting rather outrageous demands.


The sagacious bartender went hush

for he feared for the life of the lush

said, "What if the poor lad

was found lost, drunk, and dead?"

The friend fled from the bar in a rush.








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