Rain Rain Please Stay


We had a dry patch, then we

had a wet patch, then we had to break

out the hose, then we hadto duck for cover

as a storm front showed up unawares.


Hey, it's midwesterner weather.

The rumble of thunder is music

to farmers, a wonderful guest to those

of us who grow a few blossoms

each year.


Rain please stay a while and replenish

the lakes. Lightening may take out power

but we inconveniently save on the light



So rain bring the bolt of energy down

to earth, we know how to run really fast.

Our fish will be happy in more water

as will we because two hydrogen

atoms combined with one oxegen atom

is so precious.








Author's Notes/Comments: 

I can not imagine drought. I pray for those who live under no rain for days or weeks or months conditions. - allets -


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