Two More Minutes

Vintage Words


The host was peculiar

and hugged the microphone

as if it were his lightening rod,

his ticket to ride somewhere,

his baton of power. We were

pretty sick of his bantering

about nothing in particular.


In closing, he said, "Just two

more minutes, and I'll let

you go on with your meaningless

lives." Insults always work

with a bored audience. Suddenly,

he lost a lot of ears as we

broke out into small conversation



Two minutes passed, three. Four

made it two more minutes than we

were hoping for. Still, for an

incredibly bad soap box stander,

we survived to make it to the first

course of watery soup in gold

coated spoons and a first course

using somewhat tarnished flatware

that had little bits of green stuck

between the prongs.







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