Vintage Words


My fur is touchable

my expression begs your

undivided adoration and love

because I am just

a little kitten and I'm



Ignore the gun in my paw,

the small bag of grass

in my pouch. So what

if I make a living hauling

in bail jumpers and bring

a knife to a fist fight. I do

it while being cute.


This small exterior owes

much to workout and runner

strength; I climb trees

and fences like a pro, but

don't get my attitude

in a twist because I curse

like five sailors in a floundered

skiff. Of course, when that

occurs, even my sailor's curses 

are, cute.


And when you see me in a

high speed chase, beating

down the bad guys, when I

cuff 'em and take 'em in,

remember that I always kill

cutely when drawn upon, so

discombobulate elsewhere,

and rememer please

I'm just a little kitty.








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