The World Ended


The universe collapsed

at 2143 hours yesterday,

May 28, 2016. No one on

earth noticed because 

for centuries we were waiting

and, out of frustration, 

stopped believing that

the world would suddenly end

but it, along with infinite

space around it, did.


Gloom and  doom scenarios

filled the media, prophets said

any day now, thieves in the night

seems did not hold a candle

to the holy end of everything.

The manner of the big finish

according to earth's religions,

was as varied as how it all

began. They were all wrong.


So, breathe deeply and look

around you. This is Heaven. You

made it. What if news reporters

missed the greatest event in

human-earth history? They missed

all of the other major earth events:

The Great Bang, the dinosaurs,

and the first human "step". Why

should the end of everything be

any different?


Unwitnessed, civilization died,

China did not take back their

traditional fishing grounds,

we never colonized Sol System, 

and a man of African origin

was the last president of the U.S.

A pity no one noticed. With

all eyes watching, enlightened,

you might say with absolute 

authority, "We didn't see it coming."









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