Vintage Words


Me and mine versus you and mine

because mine do not deserve and yours

deserve more perpetually. What you

project eventually will return

to be the image in all your mirrors.

There are still a few faces for which

make-up can not disguise or hide

the blemishes.


Flight from fear and loathing

because your government hates you

and your kind gives history a

headache. When pain is designed by

those in power who wish you dead

for no cause, the price is high for

the hater. The result is mental

disparagement and soul-pain.


War torn, not a word used here

often, forgets about those cursed

by real estate. Inevitability of 

hard times is a capitalist's due

no matter how kibg the main players

keep poverty and want at bay.


Those who ignore those who have

nothing, become the debtors of

the decade. Hubris fades when

the cursed survive under harsh

admonisments. When the foot rises

from the throat, the strong survive

in spite of ill sent diminutives.







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