Ambition- left the thoughts of dreams

what seemed to be a dream 

with lot of passion 

now seemed , left only ambition

lose or win never thought 

but I'll be broken down

if I won't give it a shot


imagination, will, desire

thorn moments did wash away my fire

this will keep moving

as this world evolving


it's nobody's fault

if marks make the distance

a way of defining once strength

for  a particular function 


but this is the fault, those 

who don't give room 

walk with career, leave small will

still blame time, for not fulfilling 


what seemed to be a dream

with lot of passion

will keep moving

if there is a lot of attention.... 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem about a girl who had so many dreams, as she was moving towards her ambition she found out so many thing such as marks play an important role if you want to take admission in particular field, it's not like she feel it's somebody's fault it just a way to choose students . She thought is this really important to  leave behind your small dreams for your career in the thought of you don't have time, the truth is you really want to fulfill them too.

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