nobody see what we see

i'am 15yrs old child

who live in that area

where nobody wants to put their leg

and i live in that area


we poor become more poor

and those rich become more rich

and heres government says

we develop, we poor develop

they all are blind

who think so

trying to show those

slum behind  high buildings

but those government people

turn their head at that time


see those sewar

smell those sewar

live here only for one day

then you will a little bit one of us


far away from this

we face differences everyday

the war of difference

trying to defeat each other


our parents work too hard for us

so that we can get food and education

everytime they went to government

to ask them,the government people

was you talked about these children

is they the future of our country?

they just shut their mouth at that time


this is enough to tell

what government did for us

this is what we see but nobody see

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This is amazing. 10!