someday and somebody

somebody is you

someday is for me

don't know when

when someday and somebody meet

the sun is rising

and we playing

at that time we not

someday and somebody

the race of life

change our path of life

change our section

somebody is you

cause i  want to meet you again

i want my friend back

in back way, in back style

cause i always remember that back

i don't want to talk  in formatily

i don't want that smile

which we do for strangers

someday is for me

someday i get you

the true self of yours

and make you feel

make you smile

for your own friends

not for strangers

i want that time back

i want that truth back

somebody is you and

someday is for me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem because i want to get the true self of my friends and when you read this poem you think that it is only for one person but i wrote this for everyone,for every friend of mine

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i want to say this to sanctus

i want to say this to sanctus that who is he to tell us what should we have to do or not, so please stop your nonsense

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I'm not telling you what to

I'm not telling you what to do, or what not to do. I am giving my opinion that you are not gifted in the poetic arts. I am giving an opinion on what I think of your attempts to write poetry. As to what you want to do, or not do, that is up to you