Hope in a little girl- bring back memories

walking through the happiness

straight toward the goal

too crowded 

zooming in and out

what was there?


lost in thought 

someone like was there

flashback, go to the door

open the memory 

which wanted to be

erase from my mind

started waving,

joyfully this time


let's go back 

what bring it back?

nothing but a hope

in someone's eyes

drawing a line 

 weak, but

define her strength of mind


writing, playing 

whatever that was

she was free 

like a wave at shore 

making her future

clearing her path line


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem about a girl who is very poor but there is a hope in her eyes to learn something, well i saw a little kid in a market , she was drawing something .

Whatever i saw and after that whatever i imagine i put all that in this poem. 

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