Gone with the Current

Once upon a time there were a group of fishes that lived in harmony in different parts of the ocean. One time, they decided to get together to discuss about the abysm they shouldn't get close to but some fishes were having difficulties to get to the meeting because it was a pretty difficult path to get there. Some got in the wrong currents and other got stuck in lakes and ponds. The fishes were very worried because they wanted and needed to find out what was going to happen with the abysm, so they decided to ask how they could arrive to the meeting avoiding the wrong currents. The fishes saw a beautiful and big whale swimming with great ease and they approach to it. This whale was well known for tricking the different creatures from the sea, but they forgot about this fact of this whale. After a while they decided it was better to ask the whale. The whale began to talk but he was just saying nonsense and he started to ask the fish about what was the meeting and why did they decided to do it. The whale got really interested but he decided to trick them without thinking of the repercussions this could cause. He decided to give them the wrong directions and send them close to de abysm. There were only two rules in the ocean, respect the other sea creatures and never get close to de abysm. The fishes for not remembering that the whale is known for tricking others, they followed his instructions and they chased the directions the whale had said. After a long swim from the fishes, they found out they were lost again and stopped for a while to think which way they were going, when they realized that they were pretty close to the abysm. The fishes in the meeting got worried that the other fishes weren't there yet and they were pretty late, after a while they decided to go searching for them and they ended up with the whale. They asked the whale if he hadn't seen a bank of fishes lost, and the whale said laughing that he had send them to the abysm. Meanwhile the other fishes were fighting against very strong currents because close to the abysm there was this hole, which sucked water from the ocean. The other group of fishes that were searching their friends got worried and they were trying to approach them so that they could avoid getting sucked by the hole and causing a big mistake. These fishes already know what the abysm could do to their world if they got sucked into it. After a while of being fighting against the strong currents, the fishes gave up, thinking that no one was looking for them, so they decided to give up against the current and got sucked in by the hole. The hole by sucking the fishes became bigger and bigger and began sucking the water from the whole ocean and suddenly there was no more water.

Written by Gillermo Mortera and Alexandra Santos


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