let me out

As I sit here out of place, a tear is shed upon my face. I'm all alone cant speak my mind, questions answer I can't find .trapped inside this world of hate ,someone let me out.
I need to speak on how I feel without bring afraid of retaliation .
I am speaking for those who are can't speak for themselves because of the environment they live in. Hard working people who struggle to support their family, not being able to escape from the predators that are just out side their front door. We all need to speak out for those who can't, for those afraid if they do they will be the next victim. I am not one of them but I feel for them! They are ignored by the media, they are alone . They are trapped inside a world of hate. They are silently begging for someone to let them out!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am trying to get the word out about the hard working African Americans who are in fear of speaking out because they are trapped in world of predators. For them to speak out can cost them their lives!

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