When our sun sets

One thing in life is guaranteed. It is that one day we will be gone. Some sooner than others but be we all share that same fate. When we are born and we open our eyes we see the world for the first time. We begin to learn and love people and things around us. As we grow we transform into the person we are with the help of the ones who love us. As we get older we pass down the knowledge and the love that we ourselves have learned and have given throughout our life. There comes a time when we will need help from the ones that we have helped and loved throughout the years. Our bodies and mind start to set like the sun. The time will come when our sun the will set no longer for us on earth but will rise again and rejoin those from our past. We leave behind the ones we love, taking solace in the fact we did our best to teach and love them and knowing they to will carry on until their sun sets for the final time but will rise again with those who suns have already set.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my father in law Tom. We will miss you always

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